OW2 FACEIT League Season 1 Scheduling and Match Procedure

During the FACEIT League, you are able to reschedule all your matches throughout the entire “Regular Season”. The regular season for all divisions starts April 29th 2024 and ends June 30th 2024.

All matches have Default times / dates, outlined below for every division individually. Players are able to reschedule any match within the same week as their default time and date. E.g. Default time is 5pm UTC on Wednesday, you are able to reschedule at any date / time between Monday and Sunday.

Captains are able to request a reschedule at any time once the matchup has been created leading up until the match start time. They are able to see a reschedule option on the FACEIT match room

Once a reschedule request has been sent, your offer will be open and the opposing Team Captain will be able to accept or reject the offer.


If a counter proposal is sent, the team captain will be able to see the new offer. If the proposal is accepted you will receive a notification confirming the new schedule.

Alternatively, you are able to contact your opponents and if both teams mutually agree to a time and date in the match room chat, call an admin to the match room. The administration will then be able to set the date / time agreed on.

Default Dates

Expert / Advanced / Open Divisions

Total -  12 Regular Season matches over 6 weeks.

Monday - 7:00PM CEST
Wednesday - 7:00PM CEST

Monday - 7:00PM CDT
Wednesday - 7:00PM CDT

OCE (Expert / Open Divisions):
Monday - 7:00PM AEST
Wednesday -  7:00PM AEST

SA (Expert / Open Divisions):
Monday - 7:00PM BRT
Wednesday - 7:00PM BRT

Master Division

Tuesday - 7:00PM CEST
Thursday - 7:00PM CEST
Friday 17th - 7:00PM CEST

Tuesday - 7:00PM CDT
Thursday - 7:00PM CDT
Friday 17th - 7:00PM CDT

Total - 15 playdays over 6 weeks.
Tuesday - 7:00PM AEST

Tuesday - 7:00PM BRT


Total - 7 playdays over 6 weeks.


If you need any further help regarding the FACEIT League please contact us here and make sure to select the Contact Reason "FACEIT League > Overwatch 2 > General"


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