OW2 FACEIT League Season 1 General

FACEIT League provides players with a consistent and competitive environment to earn money and grind their way up the divisions, from Open to Master Division!

The League begins with the Regular Season. 6 weeks of matches with a flexible schedule providing teams with the ability to reschedule matches to suit their needs throughout the season. Top teams from the Regular Season will be promoted to the “Playoffs” where they are put into tournament brackets with other top teams and are able to battle it out for promotions in the league as well as spots to qualify for the Esports World Cup in Riyadh!

FACEIT League Season 1 will consist of multiple Divisions:

  • EMEA - Master, Expert, Open
  • NA - Master, Expert, Open
  • OCE - Master, Expert, Open
  • SA - Master, Expert, Open

Teams are able to qualify for the Master Division via the Qualifiers taking place between March 29th 2024 and April 18th 2024 as well as top teams from OWCS being invited. All qualified players for the Master Division are not required to purchase the League Pass for Season 1.

Alternatively, teams are able to sign up for the Lower Divisions. There are no skill requirements to sign up, all players just need to purchase the League Pass. During Season 1, teams will be initially placed into divisions via top player's FACEIT Elo. Teams are then able to work their way up the league and reach “Master” Division!

For more information on how to register to the Leagues and the process for the individual divisions, please refer to this article.


If you need any further help regarding the FACEIT League please contact us here and make sure to select the Contact Reason "FACEIT League > Overwatch 2 > General"


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