How to report players for cheating in the COD:MWIII Challenger Qualifiers?

At FACEIT, we take competitive integrity very seriously, and we appreciate the community's support in helping protect our competitions.

To begin the process of a Cheating Report, please fill out the following FORM to allow our team to review the evidence associated before deciding on an appropriate sanction, if any. 

Please include any evidence of cheating in your form. Please submit any evidence in the form of YouTube videos, Twitch clips, or any type of video clip where the accused team/players’ actions are clearly shown to be suspicious. You can only report cases directly connected to a match on FACEIT.

The FACEIT team will be notified as soon as you submit the form so we can quickly and carefully evaluate the case and provide a final decision via email to the teams involved within 24 hours, such as if matches are going to be overturned or replayed.

If you feel that more information needs to be provided, please reach out to

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