Adding players to hub

Once your hub is created and you want to begin filling it with users, you may invite people directly into the hub, or create an invite link to share on social media. 

Next to the small avatar of your hub, press the down arrow to open up a few options for your hub.


Press ‘Invite players’ to be greeted with a list of your friends and an invitation link. Press ‘Invite’ next to any of your friends you wish to invite.


Or copy the invitation link to share amongst your friends and community. 


Personalised invitation link

You may edit the specifications of the invitational link by pressing ‘Edit invite link’.


Expire after - Will change how long the link stays active for

Max users - The number of users who are permitted to click the link

You may tick the box at the bottom if you want users to be able to join the hub from this link without any join requirements preventing them from doing so.

Press ‘Generate new link’ when you’re satisfied.


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