What is a Hub?

A Hub is a way for you to bring together a group of players into space with shared interests and common goals around competitive gaming. This could be a close group of friends, the best players in your city, your school, your workplace… you name it!

The Hub allows you to develop a community around your favourite game where people can play together, chat, compete in a seasonal leaderboard, check out the best players in the Hub, and much more. You can find and join hubs from the listings page which allows you to search in a variety of different ways. 



Every Hub has its own chat for easy communication. It’s an easy way to broadcast news and allow members to chat with each other between games or even when they’re just relaxing.



To create that competitive spirit, you’ll have a general leaderboard to track players or teams standing. You can also run seasonal leaderboards over a period of time and allow players to win prizes. The leaderboard points system adjusts the won/lost points based on the player’s current position, allowing them to move to their predicted ranking position faster.



Get an overview of the best players in the Hub. Check out their K/D ratio, HS percentage, killstreaks and more.



View ongoing matches and past matches to see the latest action.



Check out all players who are residing in the Hub and what roles they are assigned to.



Create your own rules for the Hub and display them in the Rules tab. You’ll automatically get an overview of the match and queue settings including the abuse policy for bad behaviour.



Broadcast or capture your golden moments with either Twitch or Plays.tv to everyone in the Hub. When you link your accounts with either service and play in the Hub, your media will be automatically shown in the Media tab.

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