Adding and managing other admins

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The admin tab is there for you and your trusted admins to administer your Hub. These features allow you to manage live issues with matches, ban players from the queue or the hub completely, send out invites to specific players and to also manage applications from users who want to join your hub if it is set to invite only.

Live issues

Players can call for an admin and report an issue from the match room. This creates a live issue post and an admin can then accept the issue and where they will be able to join the match room chat and also completely manage the match from the panel.



See all live matches and if necessary take action if an issue arises. From here you can also view any match ever played from all states a match room page is in from initial match creation to being finished in the hub. 



This is where you can manage all player invites that are currently active on your hub and also remove them. This is not the same as creating an special invite and is only part of the application process system located in the admin panel.


Ban Lists

The ban list section is where you can fully manage any bans that have been automatically assigned to a player in the hub. These automated bans settings are managed in the "Queue Settings". This is also where admins can add a ban to a user's account for violating any other rules you have implemented in your hub. These bans can be permanent hub bans or temporary queue bans and there is many options for the length of time ranging from 3 min up to 7 days or permanent hub bans.



If you have the applications system enabled from your "main settings & join settings" you or your admin team will be able to manage all applications that are sent from here. If a player is rejected they will be able to apply again only after 6 months. 


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