How to report a cheater and more

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There is only one way to report potential cheaters.

You must use the reporting system built into the match room page at the end of the game.

Sending a ticket to our Customer Support team will not result in any action as they do not deal with players accused of cheating and as such do not have the access to properly investigate this complaint. 

Any tickets created in regards to cheating will contain a response directing you to use the below reporting system as this is how you send a report directly to our Anti cheat team to investigate. We want players to have an awesome experience when they contact support to help fix their issues as quick as we can, player reports are done through an automatic system that highlights players to us internally who need investigating. 

How to report a potential cheater on our platform at the end of the game.

Beside each player you will find a red thumbs down once the game has concluded and the match room is resulted. When you press the thumbs down you will see the below pop up appear. Choose the "Cheating" option and then you will be prompted to file a written report. The written report should be just keywords like - wallhack, aimkey, aimlock, etc...


ac_icon.pngHow do I know if someone is tagged to use the anti-cheat?ac_icon.png

This system is designed to automatically flag suspected cheaters in the free queue system right away, and enable the Anti-cheat on their account. When this happens the user must always use the anti-cheat when playing on our platform, this tag can never be removed.

You can tell if a player is permanently tagged to use the anti-cheat by looking at their public profile of their account and you will see the above anti cheat logo to the right of their name. If the suspected player continues to be reported they are then flagged for review by our Anti cheat team internally and the account is checked for detections. 

Where can I play where all players have to use the anti cheat client?

Currently we only offer this in Premium Cups and Premium 5v5 Matchmaking queues in EU and NA. The anti-cheat is also enabled by most organizers that run events on our platform in order to provide the best and safest playing environment for the players in their tournaments.

What happens when a player is banned for cheating?

This player is immediately removed from the live server if in game playing. If not in game playing then they are just not able to login to their accounts to play on the platform. All players are emailed and informed of their account suspension through the emails they have used to register their accounts.

Do I get a notification of this player's ban after I report the player?

Simple answer is YES, you will receive either a pop up notification if on the platform and you have this enabled from your social settings on your account located here.

Does the accuracy of my reports have a greater effect when I report cheaters?

Your score accuracy depends on how many players you reported, and the more accurate your reporting is the better response the system has to these reports. Giving a player a thumbs down constantly will result in a less effective report on your part so ensure you report players properly when it comes to such a serious accusation as cheating. 

Do I get some sort of compensation for my reports to the system?

Yes if you reported this player for cheating and they are then suspended we will also return your lost ELO from the match where you encountered and reported this player for cheating on our platform.

Is there a limit to how many matches elo is returned to? 

Yes, we only return elo to the last 50 matches the suspended player played on their account. So do make sure that you are reporting players you suspect for cheating so we can deal with them as quickly as possible.

What types of automated cheat bans do we perform and why?

There are three different types of automated bans that take place on our platform. These three types are:

  • Automated immediate live bans while in game
  • Daily checks according to reports sent in by the community using the match room reporting system
  • Weekly and monthly ban waves which are done randomly to a large portion of accounts.

We do all three of these types of automated bans to ensure that the anti cheat remains as effective as possible if we were to ban players immediately upon all detections the anti cheat could then be easily circumvented much faster based on when the detections take place on specific accounts.


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