Initial game registration rocket league FAQ

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If you already have a FACEIT account and another game linked to your account and want to add Rocket league please follow the steps below to ensure you link your account properly.

Go to this link - Rocket League Game Registration

Then choose one of the following game registrations - Steam, XBOX, PS4


Once you have have gone through the proper steps to link your game account you will receive a successful confirmation window.


Click the done button and then on the top right right press the start button and you will be directed to the main Rocket League Dashboard. 



Please ensure that you have linked the proper account by checking your integrations settings on your profile to confirm that your correct Steam ID or Xbox gamertag name has been linked to your FACEIT account. For more info on how to find this you can go here.

If you have an issue connecting your Rocket League account please contact our customer support team clicking below to contact us directly by email

Under the Contact Reason please choose the following: Game Registration/ROCKET LEAGUE



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