How do I connect to a match?

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How to join a match?

Once the Tournament has begun and teams have been matched, all you have to do is have your game open and you will be automatically invited into a lobby created in game. 

Once the lobby has been created you will see in the bottom left corner of your game the details and an option to choose to join the lobby by clicking on the green check mark.


What if I don't get an invite

 If you do not get an invite directly in game right away or you don't have your game open. Once you open your game, click on your friends icon on the bottom right. From there you can then choose the invites tab and then you will see the match invite option to join or deny the invite.


If you are still not getting an invite in game please ensure you check to make sure you are on the proper game account linked to your FACEIT account here, users who have had Customer support link a different game id then the one from a previously linked game must ensure they use that game ID instead.

What if no one gets an invite in game?

Sometimes there can be connectivity issues between the game and our site and this causes delays for the match to send out the invites. If the match does not configure please follow the instructions on this article here




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