Beta Testing 1v1 Aim Maps

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This weekend, we’re running a special event for our Premium users; 1v1 Aim for CS:GO! This is a beta test and has the potential to grow, however; we wanted to start this on a smaller scale to be able to test the game mode on FACEIT — hence the focus on premium/unlimited users.

Aim Ladder Details

  • Regions: EU/NA
  • Game Type: 1v1 Aim Maps
  • Prize Pool: 100,000 FACEIT Points per Region
  • EU Start/End: 12:00PM GMT Sunday, 2nd April until 11:59PM GMT 
  • NA Start/End: 12:00PM CST Sunday, 2nd April until 11:59PM CST 
  • Requirements: Premium Players / Minimum 50 matches on FACEIT

EU Ladder Link| NA Ladder Link

Given that we are beta testing this, it’s possible you may run into a bug or two during your playtime. If you do, we’d appreciate you filling out this form with as much information as you can provide.

Q&A Feedback/Issues

Q. Is the anti cheat client enabled?

  • Yes

Q. Is elo effected on your profile 

  • No

Q. Are my Main statistics effected if I play 1v1(Win Rate/Streak/Results, Avg K/D & HS%)

  • Yes, currently they are and we are looking into solutions for this.
  • This is now fixed and will not count towards your overall stats anymore in non standard competitive games played on the platform  

Q. Why does the map Redline not have armour

  • We have the wrong version :( Looking to add the correct one with armour. If you know which map it is please send us a workshop link in the form above :) 
  • We have the new version and it will have armour for this weekend

Q. Why are some games not showing in my stats

  • Currently some maps have an issue uploading stats so they are not being displayed, working on a fix.
  • We have resolved this issue now.

Q. Why can I not buy an AWP

  • It is already in the map you must move to it and pick it up.

Q. Why in my stats does it show 5v5 in a 1v1 match

  • We are aware of this and will update this soon.

Q. Will I be able to watch demos on 1v1 matches

  • We currently have it disabled as we are in beta testing for this game mode and want to just focus on load testing on the servers without other factors involved. 

Q. What are the server locations? More locations to come soon!

  • EU - Germany
  • NA - Chicago




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