SPL Combine - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I take part in the SPL Combine?

You will first need to create a FACEIT account and link your Hi-Rez Account to it.

Once set you can take part either on your own (solo) or with a team of five friends. You can find all the links to SPL Combine Tournaments here: FACEIT Blog - SPL announcement

When does the SPL Combine start?

The SPL Combine is every Saturday and Sunday from 18th February, 2017 until 25th March, 2017. Saturdays at 2PM CET for the European tournaments and Sundays at 2PM EST for the North American tournaments.

Can I queue on my own?

Yes! However, it is highly advised that once you’ve been matched with a team, you make every effort to remain with as many of these team mates as possible throughout the Combine. Points are awarded to teams rather than players, so it’s in your best interest to stick with one team.

Somebody from team has left, can the rest of us continue to play?

Yes! You will need to find a fifth players to replace the one that left (as you cannot check-in with a team of four), but provided that three of the original five roster remain in the team, the team will remain the same. If three or more players leave the team, then this is considered to be a different team, even if it’s going under the same team name. You will be required to change the team name before playing in this instance.

Are we allowed a sub?

Each team will be allowed one substitute within each SPL Combine Tournament.
In order for the substitute to be allowed, the team needs to register to the tournament with the main roster and the sub. The sub can be used at the beginning of each round and a confirmation roster pop-up will be displayed on the platform.

Are any gods banned during the SPL Combine?

At this time, no gods are banned.

If my team misses a week, can we come back in the following week?

Yes! Provided you still have three or more of the original team roster.

What is the team point structure for the SPL Combine?

  • 1st Place  -  100 Points
  • 2nd Place  -  60 Points
  • 3rd Place  - 40 Points
  • 4th Place  -  25 Points
  • 5th  - 8th Place - 10 Points
  • 9th  - 16th Place  -  5 Points
  • 17th or lower  -  2 Points

What are the Relegations?

The Relegations are run on 11th/12th March, 2017 and 1st/2nd April, 2017. The top two teams from SPL Combine will face off against the bottom two teams of the Challenger Circuit. The two teams that win the Relegation rounds will move into the next stage of the Challenger Circuit.

Will the SPL Combine be streamed?

There will be no official stream for the SPL Combine, but you may be able to catch some of the players streaming it themselves. Keep your eye on the Streaming tab for SMITE, found here: https://www.faceit.com/en/smite/streams


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