SMITE - Didn’t load into SMITE lobby

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If you joined the FACEIT queue and were put into a lobby, but didn’t get automatically put into the SMITE lobby, please check you have followed the steps below:

Is SMITE open? For FACEIT to automatically load you into the game, you have to have SMITE open already. FACEIT won’t launch the game for you. If you’ve joined the queue and been loaded into a FACEIT lobby, but SMITE was closed, all you need to do is load the game up and you should get an invited upon logging in.

If you’ve launched SMITE and you didn’t automatically join the lobby, manually connect to the lobby by:

  • Clicking “Play”
  • Select “Custom”
  • Click “Room List”
  • Make sure you have the correct region selected at the top.
  • Find the room with the name detailed in your FACEIT lobby.
  • Use the password detailed in your FACEIT lobby.
  • Can’t find it? Check “Show private games”.

Is SMITE logged into the right account? SMITE will need to be logged into the account that is connected to your FACEIT account.

If you are still not able to get into the SMITE lobby, have your Captain contact an admin..


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