SMITE - Issues connecting your Hi-Rez Account to FACEIT

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There are a few reasons why you may not have been able to connect your Hi-Rez Account to FACEIT / are hanging on “verifying information”. Below are the most common occurrences why this may happen:

  • Verify that the SMITE servers are currently online and active. This can be done by checking Hi-Rez Studios’ Status page: http://status.hirezstudios.com/
  • The username and/or password has been incorrectly inputted. Please verify the username and/or password and try again.
  • The password used for the Hi-Rez Account may contain special characters. If this is the case, we’d suggest changing the password to remove the special characters and try again.
  • The Hi-Rez Account is already linked to another FACEIT account. We only allow Hi-Rez Accounts to be linked to one FACEIT account and, once it’s connected, it cannot be switched to a new account for security reasons.
  • If you have used social media(Facebook or Google+) to create your HiRez account please give this article a read to link your Smite account to our platform - I can not add my Smite account?

If you do not believe that any of the above are causing your issue, please Submit a Support Request.

  • Please include the following information when submitting your Support Request:
    • FACEIT Profile Name (case sensitive):
    • E-mail address:
    • Game: [SMITE]
    • Hi-Rez Account Name:


 If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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