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What is FACEIT Anti-cheat?

FACEIT Anti-cheat is a client and server-based system designed to detect players who are running recognized hacks, cheats, cheat signatures, and third party software's that aim to give an advantage in the game.

The Anti-cheat system collates information from a collection of behavioral systems to profile players that look to be cheating on CS:GO. 

The anti cheat is only available for Windows 8.1 and 10 in 64 bit version only. We do not support Linux or Mac versions of the anti cheat.

How does it work?

We won’t go into the specifics of how the client works, but in general we can say that we decided to approach it in two ways:

1) By relying on client-side detection's that are typical of today's client-side anti-cheats, we aim to improve our players’ game-to-game experience and add another layer of protection to FACEIT. .

2) We have built the client using an integrated approach by combining all information we gather from different sources (i.e. the client anti-cheat, the server side anti-cheat, the FBI system, etc.). This means our Data Science team can process and analyse all this data in real-time to keep improving and automating cheating detection's. This is a long-term effort which we believe will eventually lead to detection's that would not be possible with an approach limited to client-side detection's.

What is deemed to be a cheat?

Using the following is deemed to give an unfair advantage and thus will be considered unacceptable and will result in a platform ban:

  • Cheats/Hacks (including skin changers, cheat loaders/drivers)
  • External scripting/macros designed to gain an advantage over other players (e.g. No recoil script, ...)
  • Use of any exploits to bypass the Anti-Cheat protection
  • Use of any (game) exploits to gain an unfair advantage (e.g. removing textures to see through walls, removing smoke grenades, ...)
  • Attempts to debug or modify FACEIT Anti-Cheat
  • Usage of the Anti-Cheat inside a Virtual Machine
  • Usage of any methods/software to evade previous bans

Use of such cheats, hacks and third party software is not permitted on FACEIT as part of our Terms and Conditions , Privacy Policy and FACEIT ANTI-CHEAT Software End Users Licence Agreement.

The following programs/modifications are safe to use and will not trigger a ban:

  • VibranceGUI
  • Game font changes
  • Game config changes (.cfg)
  • Simple radar

Why have I been asked to install Anti-cheat?

The short answer is: to confirm your validity to play and compete on the platform.

The anti-cheat is there for everyone's benefit to provide a level playing field on our platform and enhance the experience of the game for all our users.

What happens if I don't run Anti-cheat for games that require it?

It’s simple; you will not be able to participate in those games and/or all games on the FACEIT platform.

Why/How do you get Banned?

The following article will provide you with an overview for all the reasons why we would ban a user’s account. These bans can last a varying length of time depending on the reason and severity of the offense.

If the same infraction occurs more than one time, the next ban you receive will be significantly longer than the previous.

What are the consequences of Cheating? 

If a player is found to be cheating, they can receive a ban with varying duration's leading up to permanent bans.

The full details can be read here in our Banning policy

How do I avoid getting Banned?

To avoid getting banned, make sure the machine you are playing on can be trusted and is not running cheats or banned software as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Do not install cheats, hacks, or third-party software that can be deemed to give an unfair advantage.

My Ban is not justified what can I do?

If you have been running any kind of prohibited software on your PC, your ban will not be removed. The following reasons are not valid for bans to be removed:

  • Prohibited software was used on your PC prior to playing on our platform and you forgot to turn them off and/or restart your PC
  • Prohibited software was installed by someone else on the computer you used

If you believe that no prohibited software has ever been running on your PC, you can dispute your ban by creating a Support Ticket and our Customer Support Team will investigate your claim and take the appropriate actions.

How do I report a cheater?

Give the player an end of game thumbs down in the match room page and let our Anti-cheat and FBI systems do their thing.

How do I report a new cheat?

If you have details of a new cheat you believe to be being used on FACEIT, especially private cheats, please email us at anticheat@faceit.com. Please do not send anything else to this email address. If you have any other questions, click the button below to contact us.



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