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The FACEIT Game Settings page consists of a few different elements which are explained below. You can also add a new game to your FACEIT account from this page. 

Game Name

The game name is displayed at the top of each subsection, matched with a promotional image for said game.


The ID is your unique Game ID and, once linked to your FACEIT account, cannot be linked to any other FACEIT account or be removed from yours.


The region dictates which servers you will be connected to when playing through FACEIT.

Update Button

The update button is to be used when you would like your in-game account information to be refreshed. Clicking this button will update FACEIT on the changes you have made to your game profile.

In World of Tanks, it will update your Garage information, notifying FACEIT of the tank tiers you own. In Smite, it will update your account level and allow you to unlock additional competitions. 

Without updating your account you may face restrictions when trying to queue for certain Ladders/Tournaments.

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