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Players can quickly call an admin from the match room and competition organizers can control their tournament better than ever before.

The aim of the Live Issue System is to

  • Give you control over your tournament
  • Allow players to report issues (tickets) and for you to quickly resolve them

The Live Issue System is only available to official competition organizers on the platform.


Players: How to contact the organiser

Contact admin button on the tournament match room

  1. Click the contact admin button on the match room
  2. Describe the issue on the match room chat
  3. The organizer will help you using the match room chat


Organizers: How to use the Live Issue System

NOTE: The Live Issue System needs to be activated before the competition and admins need to be added to the tournament before the tournament starts.

1. Activate the Live Issue System by enabling the switch on the ADMIN panel

2. Filter for unassigned issue tickets (admin calls)

3. Assign any issue to yourself to activate admin functionality

4. When done, close the ticket by marking it as resolved


Admin functions

Match Room Chat to talk to the teams

Match Logs to see what happened

Admin Notes to record your decision in case another ticket is opened

Set results in case they need to be changed

Reset a game set to 0:0 to rehost the game

Disable calls to prevent new tickets for a final admin decision

Open the match room, player pages, team pages and steam profile in a new tab

Reassign the issue to other admins

Resolve the issue to clear it from the open issues list


Please ask your FACEIT contact or one of our admins to get a live demonstration of the Live Issue System. 



The Live Issue System needs to be activated, in order to use match management functionalities. The Matches tab provides you with an overview of all matches in your tournament and becomes available when the tournament starts.

Search matches by team name

Filter matches by round and match status

Check matches by status and find issues before a ticket is created

Match scheduling Change the time a single match starts (As Soon As Possible/specific date/time) 

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