Public BETA FAQs

General Queries

1.1. What is the purpose of this public BETA test?

Brief Answer: We're excited to show our updated app to a broader audience through this BETA test! While the look and feel will be very familiar, the app's internal workings have been significantly upgraded to make your experience faster and more fluid. Think of it as the good old FACEIT app with a new shiny engine.

Detailed Explanation: In this BETA phase, we're unveiling an application that, while functionally identical to its predecessor, has been updated under the hood.

Here’s what that means for you:

  • Modernized Technology: The app's technology has been updated to leverage more modern frameworks and systems, resulting in a platform built to scale and perform at a higher level.

  • Consistent User Experience: We’ve meticulously worked to maintain the UI/UX from the previous version. Therefore, as a BETA tester, you should not notice any significant changes in the look or feel of the application—other than it being faster and more responsive.

  • Feedback on Experience: We’re particularly interested in your perceptions of the overall experience. Does the app feel quicker? Is the navigation smoother?

  • Identifying Bugs and Inconsistencies: Despite our best efforts, some issues may only surface under varied real-world use cases. We rely on you to help us identify any defects, inconsistencies, or missing features compared to the current production application.

1.2. Who can participate in the BETA test?

Brief Answer: BETA test participation is currently limited to users randomly selected from our entire user base. These chosen users will receive an invitation to opt into the BETA release. If you haven’t been selected yet, stay tuned; more users will be included weekly.

Detailed Explanation: Our approach to creating a robust and effective BETA testing environment involves the following steps:

  • Randomized User Selection
    We randomly select users to ensure our BETA testing group represents our diverse user community.

  • Opt-In Process
    Once selected, users are invited to join the BETA program. This invitation will provide all the necessary details for accessing the BETA application.

  • Sequential Inclusion
    If you're eager to participate in the BETA testing but haven't been selected yet, don't worry. We're continuously reviewing and expanding our pool of testers every week.

1.3. Is the BETA version safe to use? Will it affect my device?

Brief Answer: Absolutely, the BETA version is safe to use. We've put in a lot of work to ensure the new application meets high safety standards and won’t negatively impact your device.

Detailed Explanation: We take our app's and your device's safety and integrity very seriously.

Here's how we've addressed this:

  • Rigorous Testing: Before we even thought about rolling out the BETA, our team put the app through a series of thorough tests to iron out any significant issues.

  • Due Diligence: Our developers have followed industry best practices for security and stability to ensure that the app performs well and maintains a high level of protection.

  • Continuous Monitoring: As you use the app, we'll keep a close eye on its performance and any reports of issues to swiftly address any potential concerns.

  • No Lasting Changes: The BETA app operates independently from your device's core functions so that it won't make any permanent changes to your system.

Remember, BETA versions are about learning and improving, and your safety is a part of that. We've done our homework to ensure you can test drive this new version with peace of mind.

Technical Questions

2.1. How do I join the BETA test?

Brief Answer: If you're chosen for BETA test, you'll find an invitation to join on Simply click the invite, adjust your settings to toggle on the BETA preference, confirm, and you’ll be all set to explore the BETA app.

Detailed Explanation: Joining the BETA test is a straightforward process:

  1. Invitation: Keep an eye on for a BETA invitation – it'll pop up when you're selected.

  2. Access Settings: Once you click the invite, it'll redirect you to your account settings page on the website.

  3. Enable BETA: Look for the BETA preference toggle at the bottom of your account settings page and switch it on. You'll be asked to confirm your decision to move forward.

  4. Dive In: After confirmation, you’ll automatically be taken to the app's BETA version.

And don't worry; If you decide you want to switch back to the regular version at any point, simply follow the same steps to toggle off the BETA preference.

2.2. How can I opt out of the BETA test, and what happens when I do?

Brief Answer: Opting out is as simple as opting in. Go to your account settings page on and turn off the BETA preference. Once you do, you'll revert to the standard version of the app.

Detailed Explanation: If you decide BETA testing isn't for you, here’s how you can exit:

  1. Settings Page: Visit your account settings page on where you initially opted into the BETA.

  2. Disable BETA: Find the BETA preference toggle and switch it off.

  3. Provide Feedback: After opting out, a prompt will appear asking for your feedback. This step is crucial for us—it helps to learn about your experience and any issues you might have faced.

  4. Immediate Reversion: You will be redirected to the regular version.

When you opt-out:

  • No Progress Lost: Any progress or changes you made while in the BETA will carry over to the standard app.

  • Seamless Transition: You won't need to do anything – the transition back is seamless and immediate.

  • Your Insight Matters: Your reasons for leaving the BETA are invaluable. They inform our improvements and help us make the app better for everyone.

Remember, opting out is completely reversible. If you ever wish to rejoin the BETA testing, you can do so.

2.3. Will I lose my data if I switch back from the BETA version?

Brief Answer: No, there's no risk of losing your data. The BETA version shares the same backend as the standard app, so your progress, matches, and preferences are kept intact.

Detailed Explanation: Here's what keeps your data safe:

  • Shared Backend: The BETA and the standard version are like two different doorways to the same room. They both lead to and use the same central database, so all your information doesn’t go anywhere.

  • Consistent Experience: Whether you're using the BETA or the standard version, your data isn't just duplicated; it's the same data. There's no transfer or migration process because it pulls from the same source.

  • Data Security: Our backend systems ensure that your data integrity is a top priority. You can switch back and forth without the worry of losing any of your valuable information.

Rest assured, when you move away from the BETA version, you'll find all your data just as you left it, safe and sound.

Feedback and Reporting

3.1. How can I provide feedback or report a bug?

Brief Answer: You can easily provide feedback or report bugs through our dedicated feedback form, which caters to both general UX impressions and specific bug reports.

Detailed Explanation: Your input is vital for the improvement of the BETA version, and here's how you can help:

  • General BETA Feedback: Share your thoughts on the overall user experience. We're interested in how the BETA version enhances or changes your interaction with FACEIT compared to the previous version. You'll find a series of questions designed to capture your overall impressions.

  • Bug Reporting: If you encounter a specific issue or error that occurs only in the BETA, this is the place to let us know. The form will guide you through a set of questions that help us understand the bug. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be for us to replicate and fix the issue.

Examples of Issues You Might Report:

  • Visual Issues: Anything that doesn't look quite right—misaligned text, incorrect sizing, problematic colour schemes, or elements that fail to load.

  • Missing Features: Functionalities or options you were used to in the old version that seem to have disappeared in the BETA.

  • Broken Features: Components that aren't operating as expected, such as unresponsive buttons, links that don't lead where they should, or any unexpected behaviour that differs from the previous version.

When reporting, the more specific you can be, the better. For instance:

  • "The 'Join Match' button is off-centre, appearing lower on the screen than it should."

  • "I noticed the friend list feature from the main menu isn't available in the BETA."

  • "Clicking on my profile picture no longer takes me to my profile page—it doesn't seem to do anything."

3.2. What type of feedback is most beneficial to you?

Brief Answer: The most beneficial feedback is detailed and specific, describing exactly what you were doing when you encountered an issue or your thoughts on a particular feature. This helps us understand and address your concerns effectively.

Detailed Explanation: We value all feedback, but the most helpful for us are:

  • Specific Bug Reports: Describe the issue in detail, including what you expected to happen versus what happened. For example, "I clicked on 'Play' and received an error message instead of being added to the queue."

  • Comparative Feedback: If you're a long-time user, telling us how the BETA version compares to the old version can offer insights into our changes. For example, "The match room process in the BETA feels slower than before."

  • Usability Feedback: How easy and intuitive is the app to use? Does the flow make sense, or are there stumbling blocks?

Your thorough and actionable feedback is incredibly useful as it guides our development team to focus on and prioritize the areas that matter most to our users.

3.3. I reported a bug/feedback; what now?

Brief Answer: After you report a bug or provide feedback, our team begins the review process. We might contact you if more information is needed and you've included your FACEIT nickname. However, please note that we may not always reach out to confirm the resolution of the issue.

Detailed Explanation: Further Details on the Process:

  1. Review and Analysis: Your feedback or bug report is carefully reviewed by our team. We assess each submission to understand its impact and urgency.

  2. Follow-Up for Clarity: If your report is particularly complex or lacks details, and you've provided your FACEIT nickname, we might contact you for more information. This helps us to address the issue accurately.

  3. Prioritization and Action: We prioritize issues based on their severity and impact on the user experience. Urgent problems are swiftly acted upon.

  4. Updates on Major Fixes: While we strive to keep our community updated about significant changes and fixes, individual follow-up for resolved issues might not be feasible due to the high volume of reports.

  5. Check for Updates: Keep an eye on our release notes, update logs, or community forums for announcements related to significant bug fixes and updates.

Your input makes the BETA version as robust and user-friendly as possible. We appreciate your contribution to improving the overall quality of our platform.

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