North America Community Clash

Community Clash is finally back in NA! With the return of this unique community event, we thought we would provide some clarity for players on its new format and why you should take part!

What is Community Clash? 

Clans are digital communities on FACEIT where you can easily find other like-minded players to play with.

Community Clash is a matchmaking event that brings all the clans that are created by streamers, and communities together in a large competition. Players are able to queue up for FACEIT matchmaking through the Clan lobby system and win matches to earn points for their Clans. 

You can check which clans are open in your region here

During a Community Clash, simply join the clan of your choosing, and queue in a 5-stack to earn points for your clan.

Your wins & losses will determine where your clan sits on the Clash leaderboard. Community Clashes aim to pit your 5-stack against the 5-stack of another clan in matchmaking, so things can quickly get competitive!

Once the Community Clash event is over, FACEIT points and prizes are distributed directly to the players of the winning clans, so they may proceed to the FACEIT Shop and cash out their winnings.

What is the NA Community Clash Circuit?

The NA Community Clash Circuit takes the Clash format even further by distributing the competition over 3 distinct events, with over 10 million FACEIT points up for grabs! 

At the end of each Clash, clans are awarded Circuit points based on their ranking in the Clash ladder.


As such, clans that are behind in the first stages can still mount a comeback, and clans that are ahead will have to fight hard in every clash to maintain their lead.

At the conclusion of the 3 Clash events, the clans with the most Circuit points will earn additional FACEIT points distributed directly to players participating in the winning clans.

Some things to keep in mind:

- Points for wins/losses are incrementally increased over the days of Clash:

  • Day 1 / +3 -2
  • Day 2/ +4 -3
  • Day 3/ +5 -4
  • Day 4/ +6 -5

- Internal Leaderboards rank players within the clan separately from the Clash Leaderboard. Their point system is +5/0 for wins/losses.

Clash #1 and #2 have already finished, but you can still take part in the final clash event:
Clash #3 7th-10th Dec (Queues are open continuously from 5 pm EST on the first day till 11:59 pm EST on the final day)

The current standings are as follows. Note: Bonus prizes are distributed based on standings at the end of the circuit.
Overall Circuit Leaderboard.png

Why participate in the Community Clash Circuit?

  • Be part of a community

Community Clash is a great place to find like-minded teammates to grind for ELO, missions and leaderboards with. With a selection of many communities, make sure to choose a clan you have a genuine interest in. This could be an influencer you follow, a team you support, or a local community that shares a common interest. 

  • Earn FACEIT Points

During Clash events, there are tons of prizes to be earned. Even if your clan is not successful in taking the top slots, there are many individual prizes you can earn by playing and supporting the clan of your choice. 

  • Never Play Solo Again and Avoid Toxicity

The clan lobby system allows you to easily find players of similar skill levels and attitudes. Each clan is protected by community admins who keep the toxic players out.

  • Win the Community Clash Circuit

Taking part in Community Clash gives you access to many additional prizes that aren’t available regularly. By taking part in this event, not only will you get the chance to propel your community to the top and give them a spotlight, but you will also share in the winnings of your clan as you fight to secure your spot as winner of the NA Community Clash Circuit 2023!

Can’t find a clan that suits your interests?

If you don’t find a community to your liking, you can just create one yourself! Simply use the ‘+’ icon in the sidebar on the FACEIT platform in the Clans section, and you can create your own clan from scratch. Invite your friends and start grinding! If your clan is identified as a prospective candidate, it may be invited to participate in the upcoming Clash event.

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