FPL Proving Grounds

Why are you making changes to FPL?

We want to return FPL to the original vision of a place where the top professional players play. Currently, the amount of unknown talent in FPL has led to an environment where players struggle to stand out from the crowd individually and professional players are unable to distinguish potential up-and-coming players. This stifles the ability of new talent to break through into the professional scene as well as discourages existing professional players from being active in the community. We are looking to provide the best competitive environment for top professional players, legends of the game and talents to improve, network and create unique and exciting content in Counter-Strike 2.

Why are you removing FPLC and FPLC Qualifiers?

The current structure for qualification into FPL Challenger and FPL does not provide a stable enough environment or adequate timespan for players to properly demonstrate their talent. The end results of the FPLC Qualifiers could be very random due to the leaderboard format and the short two-day duration. FPL Proving Grounds will allow for the qualifying players of each four-month FACEIT Season to play in a week-long event where they are able to better showcase their talent. We want to make the pathway to FPL clear and more streamlined for players to follow. These changes will provide an organic path without restrictions such as paid subscription for players to rise through the ranks and earn a shot at becoming an FPL player.

What is replacing FPL-Challenger and FPLC Qualifiers?

The FPL Challenger hubs will be retired and replaced with the new Challenger rank. This rank will be reserved for the top 1,000 players by Elo per region in order to recognize and distinguish the top level 10 players. Once a player has enough Elo to be ranked in the top 1,000 they will receive the challenger rank, however, players will lose the rank once they fall out of the top 1,000. Instead of showing the level 10 rank on your profile and match pages, a new badge will be displayed with your exact ranking in your region. 

After each four-month season on FACEIT, the top 125 ranked players by Elo per region who are not already in FPL will be invited into the FPL Proving Grounds.

What are the FPL Proving Grounds?

The FPL Proving Grounds is the new pathway for players to qualify for FACEIT Pro League (FPL) replacing FPLC and the FPLC Qualifiers. It's a week-long event where players in each region will battle it out in a hub setting similar to that of FPL for a share of a $100,000 prize which includes a prize pool, a monthly stipend, and the opportunity to prove themselves against the pro players in FPL. 

How can I qualify for FPL Proving Grounds?

After each four-month FACEIT Season, the top 125 players by Elo in each region will qualify to be invited into the FPL Proving Grounds.

What happens if a professional player ranks within the top 125 players?

If a player in the top 125 players is already a professional player or part of FPL, they have the opportunity to nominate a player to fill their spot in the FPL Proving Grounds.

Taking inspiration from HLTV's renowned annual question to the top players - 'who is the next top talent?' - this mechanism allows professionals to identify and provide an opportunity for a promising new player on the scene to showcase their skills in the Proving Grounds.

The sole requirement is that the nominated player must conclude the season with a Challenger rank and successfully pass our eligibility check.

How many players qualify for FPL from the FPL Proving Grounds?

At the end of each Proving Grounds event, three players from each region will be voted into FPL. Voting will consist of a weighted score in the following categories: Judges Vote (50%), Community Vote (25%) and Player Vote (25%). 

What is a player stipend?

Each new addition to FPL will receive a monthly stipend of $1000 for four months in order to support them and allow them to focus on honing their skills and achieving their goals.

We wanted to do more for the best upcoming players and to truly push the boundaries in the way we enable them to focus on maximizing their chances to improve and find a professional team.

How do I improve my Challenger rank?

Your challenger rank will be determined by your overall Elo ranking. Therefore, anywhere on FACEIT where Elo is enabled (matchmaking, hubs, clans) will allow you to rise through the Challenger rank.

What’s the minimum amount of matches needed to qualify for FPL from FPL Proving Grounds?

Players need to play a minimum of 10 matches in FPL Proving Grounds to be eligible for an FPL Promotion, however, the more games you play the better you have a chance to prove yourself.

What regions will have FPL Proving Grounds?

FPL Proving Grounds will take place in Europe, North America, and South America.

Will Proving Grounds expand to other regions?

At launch, the Proving Grounds will be available in the currently supported FPL regions but we may explore bringing the experience to more regions in the future. 

What happens if someone can’t play, can they participate in the following one?

Unfortunately, you must qualify individually for each Proving Grounds event. We cannot defer your participation to the next event. Each Proving Grounds event will be scheduled in advance to give players enough time to prepare.

Do I need to be verified in order to play in Proving Grounds?

Yes, players will need to be verified in order to participate in the FPL Proving Grounds. Players will be verified on the following.
-Verified accounts only

- Only accounts with 750+ matches

- Match history will be checked for any suspicious activity (boosting, playing with smurf friends)

- Minerva check (e.g. we want to avoid players that are heavily toxic such as spamming racist insults every match)

How often will Proving Grounds take place?

FPL Proving Grounds takes place once every four months after the end of each season on FACEIT. Dates for proving grounds are announced one month in advance of the event.

Do I need FACEIT Premium?

No, FACEIT Premium is not required in order to qualify for FPL Proving Grounds. 

Can I play in partnered hubs in order to qualify for Proving Grounds?

Anywhere on FACEIT where Elo is enabled including partnered hubs will allow you to rise through the Challenger rank to place in the top 125. As long as the partnered hub has Elo enabled you will be able to qualify for Proving Grounds.

What’s the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement to participate in FPL Proving Grounds is 13.

Do I need to have a clean ban history?

The FPL Staff will be running a check on players' ban history. Players with extensive toxicity and verbal abuse bans may be barred from participating in FPL Proving Grounds.

Who will be the judges?

The judges will be current professional players or former legends who are selected by the FPL Staff prior to the event.

Will I get FPL for coming in first place in FPL Proving Grounds?

Not necessarily. While your win rate and leader board position is a factor in determining the players promoted to FPL, players are voted in based on a weighted score in the following categories: Judges Vote (50%), Community Vote (25%) and Player Vote (25%).

How long is the FPL Proving Grounds hub open for?

FPL Proving Grounds takes place over seven (7) days.

When will I be invited to Proving Grounds?

You will be added 3 days prior to the Proving Grounds event.

When will my Elo stop being counted towards FPL Proving Grounds Qualification?

Seven days prior to the start of Proving Grounds players Elo will stop being calculated for qualification.

Is the FPL Proving Grounds hub team-based or solo queue?

FPL Proving Grounds only allows players to solo queue. 

What are the language requirements for each hub?

Players in FPL Proving Grounds in Europe and North America are required to speak English, whereas in South America the players are required to speak Portuguese.

What will be the map pool?

FPL Proving Grounds follows Valve’s official competitive map pool.

Am I allowed to stream FPL Proving Grounds?

Yes. Players are able to stream their FPL Proving Grounds matches as long as they have applied a 90-second delay.

What happens to my master league rank?

A player’s master league rank will not be a determining factor when qualifying for FPL Proving Grounds. 

What is the prize breakdown for FPL Proving Grounds?

You can find the prize breakdown here

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