Elo Recalibration FAQ

Why has my Elo rating changed in CS2?

CS2 is a new game and a fresh start. Elo ratings have been adjusted to fix issues with Elo inflation and improve the match experience for everyone. You should now have faster queues and fairer and more balanced matches.

When will the Elo recalibration take place, and how will it affect rankings?

The Elo recalibration will occur with the release of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) on FACEIT. The difference in Elo between the best and worst level 10 will be smaller, while Elo deflation will be addressed for the lowest skill level 1 players, making it easier to get out of level 1. Players' starting FACEIT rank in CS2 will be influenced by their final rank in CS:GO.

What is the "New Race to #1," and how will it impact competition on FACEIT?

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, players will retain their rankings, but the Elo differences between them will decrease due to recalibration. This helps ensure no one is completely untouchable and keeps the competition fierce.

Why have I lost a lot of Elo?

Over time FACEIT has seen Elo grow massively on the platform, this has caused Elo inflation which has meant level 10 players have a wider range in Elo, which can cause longer queue times and various other issues. To mitigate this and with the launch of the new game CS2, there has been a soft reset, bringing players closer together with improved skill representation and reigniting the fire of competition that previously had become stale. If your Elo was high on FACEIT in CS:GO you will have been recalibrated back at this release, however, you will not lose the achievement you had as we release commemorative badges in the future for this very reason. CS2 is a fresh game, a fresh start, so while you have lost some Elo your rank remains and now you can grind your way up for Challenger Rank too!

What are Commemorative badges, and how will they be earned?

Commemorative badges will be awarded to celebrate players' achievements in CS:GO. These badges will be displayed on the player's profile, recognizing their hard work and accomplishments. More details on how these badges will be earned will be provided soon.

When will Commemorative badges be distributed and displayed on my profile?

Commemorative badges for matches played in CS:GO have now been added to all eligible accounts!

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