Verified Priority Matching FAQ

Are there any changes to the Verified Priority Matching system in Counter-Strike 2 (from the beta), and how will it impact matchmaking?

We've made changes to the Verified Priority Matching system based on the feedback and testing from its beta phase. Our goal is to bring you more verified matches, ensuring a better experience. This update is designed to reduce the number of multi-accounts and disruptive behaviour in your matches, making them more reliable. As more players get their accounts verified, this feature will continue to improve and become even more effective over time.

I played a Verified Priority Match where everyone was verified, but one account looked like a smurf, why is this?

Verification means that players have 1 account ( as per our terms of service you should only have one account). In some cases, a player may choose to verify a low-level account. As the user moves into the correct skill level this issue will become less of a problem, and you should still face far less disruptive behaviors as a verified player. We are continuously working on this feature and will be looking to further improve it in the future.

How can I verify my account?

You can verify your account through settings on the platform.

Find our verification FAQs here.

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